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News For This Month: Trips

Activities You Should Never Miss in Spain

Visiting Spain during the summer is the best since you can really enjoy the attractions and activities of beautiful Barcelona; you’ll never regret taking the detour. We’re telling you now that you’ll regret visiting Spain and not going to the gorgeous city of Barcelona.

Go to Asian Film Festival

For all those who are attracted to Asian Film Festivals then they should definitely head on to Barcelona Contemporary Cultural Center, take note to go from the last week of April only up until the initial weekend of May. This grand festival celebrates amazing Asian Films. Multiple films under various categories are awarded with tons of prizes for excelling in certain fields. People love to not only watch the film festival but to also participate.

Visiting the Magic Fountain Montijuice

During a years, events are centered around the water fountain when it begins to spout water, all of this began way back in 1929. It’s best if you go here during the summer months since the fountain is also lit at night, unlike the other nights. Visit the Fountain Montijuice during the summer months and make sure you get there as they start the lights; it can be a place only imagined in fantasy stories, a truly alluring sight to behold alongside company.

Don’t Miss Out on Sabadell Atlantico

Enjoy amazing tennis matches, ones which you’ll forever regret that you did not watch, just head on over to Real Club de Tennis during their schedule which is the last week of April; this is highly suggested for those who are real fans of tennis and even those that enjoy the game. Consider yourself extremely lucky when you happen to visit Spain during the said period, these tournament are only a yearly event and you even get a firsthand look at some of the great names in the tennis world. So it’s obviously that if you truly enjoy the tennis sport then you’ll head down to Real Club de Tennis during the final weekend of April, just to be able to watch some spectacular matches; we want to remind you that this is a yearly event only so don’t waste the opportunity when it comes.

Admiring Everything in the Brazilian Art Festival

In case you really want to experience a little bit of Brazil here and there while you’re in the beautiful city of Barcelona then quickly head to the Museum of Contemporary Arts; they hold an annual Brazilian Art Festival during the month of February and Only February.

Source: The Spain Event